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This weekend Electric Earth will hit the studio to record the final tracks for the upcoming album. It will be released later this year. Stay tuned folks!

Brand new photos taken by Joachim Nywall from the studio sessions recording the new album in February 2016

On the 10th of February Electric Earth will head into the studio to start recording of their new, yet untitled, album. Be sure to follow us here or on social media.

The recording for the as yet untitled album will start at the N3 studios at the 12th of February. It will be produced by Jonas Beijer who also produced Touching the Void. The recording will be done at different times and the bass will be handled by several different musicians. More news to follow on this.

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New live shows added at the calender section.

Hi everybody

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The Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin influences are still present on the latest release of Electric Earth, but also another name comes to my mind: The Quill. The latter also played loads of seventies and nineties influences, together with an update of stoner ingredients. The predecessor ‘Touching The Void’ showed Electric Earth being a band of very capable musicians, but could not completely convince me as a whole picture of song material, something that they certainly succeed in this time. As if the band has found more of a balance; this sounds just very good and it really grabs me. Also a huge compliment for the production which managed to keep enough harmony and transparency with the gritty, and at times straight filthy sound. Another asset is the great Kiss (Ace Frehley) influences surfacing in some parts (even more than before), something which must be very appealing to some listeners. One more remark: maybe it’s about time to place some more recent YouTube footage guys. - See more at: http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/en/reviews/view/id/28400#sthash.z61W1DdR.dpuf

Electric Earth will headline the 2015 Tattoo Meltdown in Sweden. This is the largest Tattoo show in Sweden. Read more about the show at:  http://www.tattoo-meltdown.com/

Photos taken by J Nywall at the release gig last saturday on the 11th of October at N3, Trollhättan, Sweden.

Visit the review section of this site or visit the original at:


Visit the review section of this site or visit the original at:


Read the brand new interview with guitarist Tommy Scalisi on the new album Leaving For Freedom.
ELECTRIC EARTH - groovy, fuzzy, hard rock from Sweden with their 4th album release, Leaving For Freedom. It's booming metal that mixes 70's classic rock with the 90's grunge. Find out more about the album and its melodies, here's their guitarist Tommy Scalisi...


Electric Earth is now number 3 on the ReverbNation Metal charts for SE.

http://www.reverbnation.com/electricearth. Thanks everybody!!!


Now you can listen to the new track Bad Motor Alive from the upcoming album Leaving For Freedom. Just click on the Audio section or hit the Audio widget.

You can now pre-order the new album Leaving For Freedom directly from the new webshop (click on store). All pre-orders will have their album signed by the band.

The new album titled Leaving For Freedom is set to be released October 3 on TYSS Music Records and will have the following tracklisting:

1. Drugs
2. Scattered
3. Missing Pieces
4. 15th of August 
5. Shelter
6. Devoid
7. Bad Motor 
8. Lost And Bloated
9. God In Disguise
10. Leaving For Freedom

It was recorded at N3 Studio A by Marko Tervonen. Artwork by Jonas Beijer.

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