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Sweden’s Electric Earth, who started out in the beginning of 2001, put great importance on artistic freedom and musical integrity. The members are influenced by many of the most creative and open minded musicians and bands in the history of music – like KISS, Black Sabbath, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin. This standpoint and attitude coloured the band’s debut album 'Organic Songs – Volume One” (2004) - a record that offered both groove and variation.

The video for the album opener “Platonic”, just one of many songs that gained them national airplay, was one of the tracks picked for the Sweden Rock Magazine DVD that was unleashed in the beginning of 2005.

On stage Electric Earth add extra energy and personality which make them a strong live act. Something they have proved on festivals like Metaltown, Westgotha, Gothenburg Metal Festival and 2000 Decibel.

Electric Earth released their second CD, “Vol II – Words Unspoken”, in Europe during spring 2007. The album was recorded in Studio Bohus (a classic Swedish studio where everyone from ABBA and Status Quo to more recent bands like Evergrey, Deathstars and At The Gates have worked) together with respected producer Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Mustasch and Hardcore Superstar). This was their first, and only, release on the classic Belgian Mausoleum-label.

A couple of months later Electric Earth released the limited edition CD-EP “Selling Souls”, which features two newly recorded, none album, tracks as well as a couple of covers featuring special guests. Mattias “Ia” Eklundh from Freak Kitchen plays a blinding solo on Kiss’ “I Want You” while Clawfinger’s front man Zak Tell leaves his personal mark on Led Zeppelin’s “Heartbreaker”.

October 2007 saw the release of “Vol II – Words Unspoken” in USA and Canada. At the same time “Organic Songs – Volume One” and “Selling Souls” was made available worldwide. A month later Electric Earth was nominated, by the Music Resource Group, as one of five bands in the Hard Rock/Metal album category, with their “Vol II – Words Unspoken” CD, in the 7th annual Independent Music Awards.

Just when things were beginning to happen on a full scale for the band tragedy struck – real hard. This situation together with a couple of personal matters forced the band to keep a really low profile for almost three years. In the end their passion and love for music made them over come all the difficulties they had gone through. Electric Earth had been Touching the Void but got back together in full force, determined to once again set the rock ’n’ roll record straight!

June 2011 saw the release of the bands third, and critically acclaimed, album “Touching The Void”.

A couple of months later Electric Earth entered the studio to record a cover of Whitesnake’s “Young Blood” (from the “Saints And Sinners” album) for the tribute album “Still Of The Night”. The album was finally available in autumn 2013.

In October 2011 they released an exclusive digital version of “Free Fall” from “Touching The Void”. It was mixed/produced by famous American producer Beau Hill, who is best known for his work with bands/artists like Ratt, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Gary Moore and Europe.

In April 2013 Electric Earth started to record their fourth album together with Jonas Beijer, who co-produced “Touching The Void”, and Marko Tervonen, who is best known for his guitar skills in the metal band The Crown. As a teaser for the album two digital only singles, “The God in Disguise” and “Shelter”, were made available during that summer and autumn. The album will be released in autumn this year!

If you like groove and all out rock and you want music to be honest and full of life? Then Electric Earth’s fourth album, "Leaving For Freedom” (released in October 2004), is for you!