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Heritage (2003)

Electric Earth - Heritage (2003)

01. Space Mammoth (Gottlieb) 6:15
02. Solid Soul (Scalisi/Gottlieb) 3:58
03. There's A Wall (Gottlieb/Scalisi) 4:11
04. How Many (Scalisi/Gottlieb) 4:46
05. Grey Skies (Gottlieb/Scalisi) 4:38

All songs arranged and produced by Electric Earth.

Peter Gottlieb - Vocals and percussion
Tommy Scalisi - Guitars
Lyris Karlsson - Bass
Lars Berger - Fibes drums and percussion

Recorded and mixed by Scalisi and Beijer at M15 Sonics Trollhättan, Sweden under cosmic supervision from the EE.
Sleeve and artwork by Jonas Beijer and Andreas Silesten. Photo by Ole Larsen.

Additional vocals, keys and programming by Jonas Beijer.