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Leaving For Freedom (2014)

Electric Earth - Leaving For Freedom (2014)
TySS Music (Tyss7016)

01. Drugs
02. Scattered
03. Missing Pieaces
04. 15th of August
05. Shelter
06. Devoid
07. Bad Motor Alive
08. Lost And Bloated
09. God In Disguise
10. Leaving For Freedom

All songs are written by Electric Earth and published by Misty Music.

The Album was recorded in N3 - Studio A in Trollhättan, Sweden in 2013 and 2014. It was produced by Electric Earth and co-produced by Jonas Beijer and Marko Tervonen, recorded, engineered and mixed by Marko Tervonen and mastered by Valle Adzic.

Artwork by Jonas Beijer for B-UNLTD.se. Orgiginal cover photo by Stokkete.

Peter Gottlieb - vocals and guitar
Tommy Scalisi - guitars and backing vocals
Lyris Karlsson - bass and vocals
Draken - drums