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Organic Songs - Volume One (CD 2004)

Electric Earth - Organic Songs Volume One (2004)
Phantom Music (PM7001)

01. Platonic (Gottlieb/Karlsson/Scalisi)
02. Nowhere Fast (Gottlieb/Scalisi)
03. Space Mammoth (Gottlieb)
04. Dragged Down (Gottlieb/Karlsson/Scalisi)
05. Detroit Destroyer (Gottlieb/Scalisi)
06. Sanctuary (Gottlieb/Scalisi)
07. Superseded (Gottlieb/Scalisi)
08. Sin Of The Century (Gottlieb/Scalisi)
09. Manic Hate (Gottlieb/Scalisi)
10. D.W.B. (Gottlieb/Scalisi)
11. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Doug Ingle) (bonus track)

Produced by Electric Earth. Recorded, engineered and mixed by Tommy Scalisi and Electric Earth at M15 Sonics, Trollhättan, Sweden between February 12th and March 3 2004. Mastered by Peter In de Betou for Tailor Maid Production.

All songs published by Misty Music except In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida published by Cotillion Music Inc/BMI.

Sleeve and artwork by Jonas Beijer and Andreas Siljesten.

Peter Gottlieb - vocals, guitars and percussion
Tommy Scalisi - guitars and vocals
Lyris Karlsson - bass
Lars Berger - fibes drums