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The Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin influences are still present on the latest release of Electric Earth, but also another name comes to my mind: The Quill. The latter also played loads of seventies and nineties influences, together with an update of stoner ingredients. The predecessor ‘Touching The Void’ showed Electric Earth being a band of very capable musicians, but could not completely convince me as a whole picture of song material, something that they certainly succeed in this time. As if the band has found more of a balance; this sounds just very good and it really grabs me. Also a huge compliment for the production which managed to keep enough harmony and transparency with the gritty, and at times straight filthy sound. Another asset is the great Kiss (Ace Frehley) influences surfacing in some parts (even more than before), something which must be very appealing to some listeners. One more remark: maybe it’s about time to place some more recent YouTube footage guys.

You want kick ass hard and heavy music that’ll make you put the metal to the pedal, look no further as Electric Earth will rock you with their fist pumping and head banging music beyond the limits. “Leaving For Freedom” is excellent for driving, as the heavy power of Electric Earth’s music is sure to make you go pass the legal speed limit. “Leaving For Freedom” is an album full of many heartfelt emotions about the ups and downs in life, yet offers so much hope; you’re bound to prove the naysayers wrong with your personal triumphs. These guys definitely know how to pen positive lyrics to the point of inspiring listeners to be themselves and fight for what they believe in. Bands like Electric Earth definitely know how to make listeners feel good, and this is what makes them so unique and inspirational on this ten-tracker. Electric Earth may not be the most original of rock bands in the world, but their memorable choruses, groove-driven rhythms and a steady drumbeat makes the music full of energy and something you can kickback to. This quartet is about feeling good because that is what they do so well here.

Their sound on the album is really good, not overly produced, almost has that raw feeling to it, kind of like being at their live show. The mix is really well done as all of the instruments and singer Peter’s vocals come across very nicely. The mix is so clear, you can basically understand every word he is singing, and this is a very important quality to have for a heavy rock group along Electric Earth’s caliber.

Highly recommended if your collection of heavy and melodic rock include Kyuss, Soundgarden, Rainbow, Deep Purple and White Snake.   [Tyss Records]     Sarjoo Devani

Sweden is a country that, personally, I really like their bands, and to almost every band from Sweden, I can give a good grade. ELECTRIC EARTH is a Hard Rock band that exists since 2001 and in this year, they are celebrating their thirteenth years together and they are releasing their debut album, “Leaving For Freedom”.

"Drugs" opened with it’s addictive guitar riff that continues to be amazing and catchy chorus. It's very easy to love the song; it’s very fun and metallic and also very deep with a strong lyrics. The lyrics of the song are definitely genius. "The drugs won't let you go, they call for you", I really don’t know what was in the mind of the band's singer, Peter Gottlieb, when he wrote those words. In the bottom line, it’s a genius song and a great one to open this album.

"Scattered" is more classic and fun, some kind of a modern Hard Rock like ALTER BRIDGE and BLACK STONE CHERRY with some elements of old school guitar's adrenaline. The song actually combines everything I love about Hard Rock. And what’s special about what the band is doing is that they are like that the band very much loves this genre, and they are doing it."Missing Pieces" isn’t like the previous track, it is much better and much more fun. The song’s got more dirty sound and even reminds me of Grunge bands like STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and SOUNDGARDEN.

"15th Of August" is the heaviest and the angriest song yet. The song starts very good, but in some places it starts to repeats himself. "Shelter" has got some parts that I’m thinking that they are just genius parts, like his bridge and his powerful chorus. But the problem in that in some points, the band is just repeating some parts over and over again.

Like the band have heard me, they are giving me "Devoid", a classic Glam Rock kind of a ballad that reminds some of BON JOVI's greatest songs. The song is possibly the best in the album and one of the most genius Hard Rock ballads I heard recently.

But after this amazing song, and some other great tracks, the band returns over the same thing. The problem starts with "Bad Motor Alive", a song that’s got good chorus, but besides that, he returns to the same thing that the band did in the other songs.

"Lost And Bloated" and “God In Disguise” also have the same thing. Everything the band did in the previous songs is going on and on, they don't do anything new. "Leaving For Freedom" is actually a newer thing, less heavy and reminds me more of KISSand GUNS N ROSES, but unlike previous songs, that every time something surprising happened, this time the song just remains more and more going to nowhere.

The band did very good job in the first few songs on the album, with great songs like "Drugs""Missing Pieces", and of course,"Devoid". But it's like the band wrote some songs and, to me, they really like them, and have done it for the whole album. The band did some great songs, but the problem is that they didn’t diversify on this album and in some other songs, it was less great.

The Scandinavian’s devotion to the Classic Rock sound shines through once again.


The first thing that will jump out at you with Electric Earth are the bone-crunching guitar tones. They pounded out a heavy groove that reminds me of fellow Swedes Mustache and Spiritual Beggars.  Ironically, both those bands get thrown in the “Stoner Rock” genre, where Electric Earth could also fit.  I don’t really like the term “stoner” for them as the guitars are a little more clean, but it’s not wrong to market them to that audience.

The band also has some ties back to Grunge. “15th Of August” has a little “Rusty Cage” or “Spoonman” vibe going.  I’ve made comparison’s to the music, but Peter Gottlieb has a unique vocal style that is soulful and bluesy.  He has some power and range, but he doesn’t really overdo it as the music lends itself to a more middle-ground range.

“Bad Motor Alive” is a release that had success, and with good reason, it does stand out slightly from the other songs, but there’s plenty of solid tracks here.  Put it this way, “Bad Motor Alive” is the seventh track.  “Scattered” also stood out to me personally, but again, there’s never a real drop-off in quality songs.

If i have a any concerns for the bands success would be where to place them, they could literally fit on many different bills.  I could hear them at a Bike Rally or at an Alternative type festival.  This can be a blessing or a curse as the music industry has this obsession with labeling bands.  Bottom line is, they are a fucking heavy Rock Band that has a massive upside for success, and if you fancy yourself a fan of Rock, buy their entire damn library now!


Peter Gottlieb – vocals, rhythm guitar
Tommy Scalisi – lead guitar
Lyris Karlson – bass
Draken – drums

Fjärde albumet med Electric Earth visar att Trollhättanbandet har såväl rutin som viss kvalitet. Det är tungt, hyfsat välproducerat och välspelat. Redan i öppningsspåret blir jag dock misstänksam. ”Drugs” borde vara en låt som ska visa bandet i dess bästa skepnad och få mig att ramla baklänges, men jag sitter tryggt kvar på stolen. Det är överhuvudtaget inte mycket som sticker ut från den gråa massan av duktiga svenska hårdrockband vars tradition vilar på 70-talets stora. Men det har betydligt mer namnkunniga band kunnat hantera, förutsatt att de haft ett låtmaterial som vägt tyngre än själva soundet. Men det är här det börjar hamna grus i Electric Earths annars rätt tajta maskineri. 


Jag gillar Led Zeppelin-referenserna i ”Devoid” och det avslutande, svängiga titelspåret har också sina poänger. I övrigt är det rätt tunnsått med idéer och låtar som lämnar några större spår efter sig. Vilket faktiskt gör mig lite nyfiken, för inte kan väl tidigare album vara lika profillösa som detta?

Fabulous Hard Rock Single 

The electrifying band, Electric Earth, will rock you to your feet with their fabulous Hard Rock single, “Free Fall (Beau Hill Remix).” This song has all the right elements of rock music: strong vocals, great instrumentation, and a driving rhythm. As you hear this song you can feel the searing guitar bursting its way with a fist full of energy. The lead vocals are strong and controlling and impresses with an edgy passion. There are also some great harmonies throughout this song. The driving rhythm runs full throttle with intense precision. If you like the bands Alice in Chains or Soundgarden, then you will definitely enjoy the powerful Hard Rock single, “Free Fall (Beau Hill Remix).”

        The Electric Earth is a band that originated in Sweden, more precisely in the town of Trollhättan and now has the following members: Peter Gottlieb on vocals and guitar, Tommy Scalise on guitar and backing vocals, Lyris M. Karlsson on bass and "Draken" on drums. The quartet released their third album Touching The Void in 2011 with Jona Beijer production, recording and mixing done by Martin Klem Sonics in M15, while the mastering is a work at Studio Deadline Valle Adzic. The main musical veins Electric Earth are the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal influenced by bands like KISS, Black Sabbath, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin. I can say this Touching The Void is an album that marks the overcoming of the quartet, because in 2009, vocalist Peter Gottieb lost his wife after two years of fighting cancer. The CD digipak that is on the cover shows the band on stage ready to start a show, and the philosophy we preach here on the site, or 'Rock On Stage', we said that to music. 

        Amplification feel the influences of American grunge movement with the Hard Rock in a heavy line and very well sung by Peter Gottieb in a way that captivates the listener. Pay attention to the guitar solos that marked the first music has. Black Butterfly is faster, has a great energy and also shows the 'Paradita' typical of a Hard Rock, but with a background of guitar, bass and drums pretty well filled in for Peter Gottieb drop your voice so, the Swedish quartet in win in the chorus, and once again the guitar solos are worth emphasizing. Collision With The Sun runs a garment heavier, a little slower and very exciting, especially in the voice and keyboards (with the participation of Martin Klem), moments after receiving the amount of weight needed to turn this track into a third ballad heavy, so make sure one of the strengths of the CD, so that makes you want to follow the letter. 

        Intermission displays some distortion and effects that look more like futuristic machinery that are heavy for the transposition Free Fall, with a progress rate and a bit chaotic, displays heavier elements that are seen with a certain frequency bands of the Twenty-First Century. In Sugartooth, this line continues in present-day sound of Electric Earth, or we have distorted guitars and heavy, too much weight on drums, and vocals a little more aggressive, that does not sound bad, quite the contrary, it is and followed a path very different from what we did in 70 years, but they bring a great musicianship to the band. 

        Harvest Time in the Swedish attack with a weight that recalls the days of Black Sabbath album Sabotage (notice how at first, the instrumental sought his inspiration in Sympton Of The Universe), but this burden is mitigated by the singer starts singing so . Then it's time to calm down a bit, and just at the beginning of Judge Me, as the music turns rockão one of the most interesting of the album with guitar, bass and drums in a perfect fusion, where the guitar solos are brilliant and the letter is easy assimilation. 

        The Electric Earth Touching The Void recorded in a way so intense that it is not perceived to exchange track and it happened again on No Sleep, the ninth of the cd, which displays a massive dose of guitar solos with plenty of distortion, very low posted battery and displaying many of repetition, not to mention the vocals of Peter Gottlieb to invite you to do the backing vocals with the band. 

        The guitar solo brings this lively tune Need This Time of setting the bar for the quartet after a certain amount of weight, well voiced, many touches on the plates in a pure party mood, and say, this is a real sonzeira of has some mixture of the first sound of the Seventies with The Cult, which makes it even better. Then Bird Of Phoenix enters exactly where the last stopped in a perfect synchrony sound intensity that brings a unique and makes us feel gratified to hear this cd, because the feeling is that it is like enjoying a live show. And detail, with the chorus and an engaging pace that will get you easily. 

        It is ... Electric Earth left the best for the end and command Skinstretch guitars sound as bringing the weight of a frantic and tireless in the kitchen of the band (bass and drums) connected to the guitar as if they were all one. The title track, Touching The Void is the following, and then the grand original ground, vocalist Peter Gottlieb sings with much feeling and proves with variations rimto, because this can be considered a strong point of the cd. Closing this superbly vigorous work, we have the ballad Worries in voice and piano, but without forgetting the guitar, bass and drums, and this combination brings the most dramatic climate of the Hard Rock. 

        Surely the Rock On Stage is one of the first Brazilian sites to publish a review of Electric Earth, dear reader, and (a) you always read and hear say that we have more bands that are capable of surprising us, right? Well this Swedish quartet achieved a lot. The feeling is hard to hear what I said above: a live album and fitted with tracks that will work even better when performed on stage. It was enough to feel that the members of the Electric Earth even put their hearts into each of the fourteen compositions Touching The Void. You know and have recommend this cd as soon as possible in your collection. 
    Note: 9.5. 

Fernando R. R. Júnior 

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The Swedish band ELECTRIC EARTH is definitely sounding like the next big thing on their new CD ‘Touching the void’. The album has a big sound and the included material is actually quite catchy modern sounding Retro Rock and Roll. If you think RIVAL SONS, AIRBOURNE, WOLFMOTHER and FOO FIGHTERS are the bands to save real uptempo guitar orientated sing-a-long Rock and Roll, well then why not add ELECTRIC EARTH to that list! These guys definitely how to rock in a good way and thanks to a great tight rhythm section, a superstrong lead singer and some biting guitarwork, this CD could easily become the big break for ELECTRIC EARTH. Somehow they add a little Classic Melodic Hardrock (a la SHAKRA) into their material, which makes it sound just a little catchier to the ears than earlier mentioned bands do normally speaking. For example a song like “Freefall” or the uptempo “Harvest time” combine all the best Rock and Roll nowdays has to offer, which is heavy and melodic at the same time. Anyway, it is the year 2011 and ELECTRIC EARTH also sounds like a typical new modern rockband, but they have something extra that makes them standout between the rest! Hear for yourself at: www.electricearth1.com 

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)

Electric Earth have been quiet for a while, but now they are back again. It’s been four years since the last release “Vol II – Words Unspoken”, which was a pretty good release. When listening to “Touching The Void” I do hear some development in the style. It’s a bit less post-grungy and a bit more seventies, but also a bit darker and heavier. Tracks like “Collision With A Sun” and “Touching The Void” offer some cool retro-vibes, at times with a stonery touch. They do however offer some great melodies among the heavy riffing, like the chorus of "Free Fall” and the slightly poppy “Need This Time”. One track that really sticks out is the almost punky, “Black Butterfly”. The stonerish overtones shine through in songs like “Sugartooth”. I also hear some touches of Black Label Society in songs like “Harvest Time”, “Bird Of Phoenix” and “Skinstretched”, where the chorus however goes in a totally unexpected, very melodic direction. An album well worth waiting for and checking out!

Review from Über Röck (UK)


Electric Earth have been doing the rounds since 2001, and the post Zeppelin grunge of the 1990s commands a large presence in their latest offering, 'Touching The Void'. Evidently then they share a sound with their influences such as early Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden. In fact, three songs in to the album, and just as I thought I was listening to something akin to Soundgarden, the words "black hole supernova" were sung from the ballad-esque 'Collision With The Sun', and I was instantly taken back to the 1994 album, 'Superunkown'. 'Touching The Void' being Electric Earth's first release since 2007 (following the tragic loss of singer Peter Gottlieb's wife to cancer) the band are eager to show they are back and raring to go.


Now in 2011, the band are "determined once again to set the rock 'n' roll record straight." And as the album progresses it isn't difficult to spot that there are wider influences than merely the grunge that is immediately apparent. They have had a few releases since their inception and this longevity may also explain the top production and the sharp tightness on the record. And although driven by an understanding of that grunge passion, a classic metal shines through the crisp riffs on tracks such as 'Intermission' and 'Harvest Time', the latter also demonstrating their ability to produce high-class boogie rhythms.


One of the highlights of the album has to be 'Judge Me' which manages to force a myriad of riffs and vibes in to one song. This track really does have everything that Electric Earth are about, being delivered with cosmic precision. Following this is an anthem of a hard rock song in 'Need This Time', which is reminiscent of the throttle turning, dust splitting presence of The Cult circa 'Love Removal Machine', with guitar noodling to boot.


'Touching The Void' has many unexpected gems; largely unexpected because the variation within the record is not really fully realised until half way through the album. 'Amplification' is a strong opener, but it does seem that the album waits awhile until it fully picks up. When it does gather pace it offers up something a little different at every turn, whilst still retaining that solid grunge-rock throughout that rumbles underneath, driving the soul of the album forward with strong results.