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Selling Souls (CD-EP 2007)

Electric Earth - Selling Souls (2007)
Phantom Music (PM9488)

01. Bring On the Storm (Gottlieb)
02. Unicorn (Karlsson/Gottlieb)
03. I Want You (Stanley)
04. Heartbreaker (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant)

Recorded and mixed by Valle Adzic (Impious) at Studio Deadline in January 2007. Mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic at Studio Bohus Mastering.

Mattias "Ia" Eklundh, Freak Kitchen plays a blinding solo on "I Want You" and Zak Tell, Clawfinger puts his personal mark on "Heartbreaker". Backing vocals on "I Want You" by Jonas Beijer.

Front cover illustration by Hannah Lemoine. Artwork and design by Jonas Beijer and Draken, Wild West Media.

Peter Gottlieb - vocals and guitar
Tommy Scalisi - guitars and backing vocals
Lyris Karlsson - bass and vocals
Draken - drums