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Tommy Scalisi Svensson - guitars and backing vocals


Equipment: Gibson Guitars (Explorer, Les Paul, RD and Flying V), ESP Eclipse Paul Lambert edition, Ibanez PS 10. ENGL amplification and cabinettes, Use 010 - 052 string gauge, Dunlop Jazz III picks, A variety of pedals including MXR, Morley Wah and Digitech Whammy DT.

Personal Masterpieces: KISS Alive and Dressed To Kill, Black Sabbath - Mob Rules, Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman and Testament - The Ritual and Low

Influnces: Ace Frehley, Jimmy Page and Randy Rhoads for the love of guitar and KISS for making me wanna be in the rock business.

Musical Background: Educated in classic guitar. Started playing Metal at the age of 12 years when I formed my first band the Exterminators taken the name from one of Ace Frehley's early bands. Has released records with the bands Rat Salad and Gooseflesh. Has also worked as an engineer both in studio and live.