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Touching The Void (CD 2011)

Electric Earth - Touching The Void (2011)
TySS Music (Tyss7016)

01. Amplification
02. Black Butterfly
03. Collision With A Sun
04. [Intermission]
05. Free Fall
06. Sugartooth
07. Harvest Time
08. Judge Me
09. No Sleep
10. Need This Time
11. Bird Of Phoenix
12. Skinstretch
13. Touching The Void
14. Worries

All songs are written by Electric Earth and published by Misty Music.

The Album was recorded in Studio M15 Sonics in Trollhättan, Sweden between March 19th and April 4th 2010. It was produced by Electric Earth and Jonas Beijer, recorded, engineered and mixed by Martin Klem and mastered by Valle Adzic (Impious) at Studio Deadline.

Additional backing vocals by Jörgen Einarsson and Jonas Beijer. String arrangements on Touching The Void by Mattias Wellhag.

Artwork by Jonas Beijer, Wild West Media.

Peter Gottlieb - vocals and guitar
Tommy Scalisi - guitars and backing vocals
Lyris Karlsson - bass and vocals
Draken - drums