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Vol II - Words Unspoken (CD 2007)

Electric Earth - Vol II - Words Unspoken (2007)
Mausoleum Records (251091)

01. Drowning (Scalisi)
02. Words Unspoken (Gottlieb)
03. Again & Again (Gottlieb/Karlsson/Scalisi)
04. Concubine (Gottlieb/Karlsson/Scalisi)
05. Antichrist (Gottlieb/Karlsson)
06. Wheels of Confession (Gottlieb/Scalisi)
07. Serpent Serpentine (Gottlieb/Scalisi)
08. Magnetic Soul (Gottlieb/Karlsson)
09. Little Song (Gottlieb/Scalisi)
10. Amplified (Gottlieb/Scalisi)
11. Heroes (Gottlieb/Karlsson/Scalisi)
12. Leaving the Darklands (Gottlieb/Karlsson/Scalisi)

Produced by Roberto Laghi and Electric Earth. Recorded, engineered and mixed by Roberto Laghi at Roberto's Hideout, Studio Bohus between October 21st and November 20th 2005. Mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic at Studio Bohus Mastering.

All songs published by Misty Music.

Design and illustration Didier Scohier for ArtCore.

Recording line-up:
Peter Gottlieb - lead vocals and guitar
Tommy Scalisi - guitars and vocals
Lyris Karlsson - bass and vocals
Lars Berger - drums